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 Show off your Clay Art

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PostSubject: Show off your Clay Art   Sat Jun 11, 2011 3:22 pm

This is a topic where you can post any clay art or pictures of clay figures you used in this video. I have uploaded a lot of my clay arts on my deviantArt page! Here are my clay arts!

Clay Red Bird from Angry Birds:

Clay Sunny from the webcomic, Sunny Galalai

Clay Spud Guy from the webcomic, The Spud Guy

Clay Smiley Face of Happy Face Studios from deviantArt user, Moon-manUnit-42

Clay B.M. from deviantArt user ThePivotsXXD's Flash Animation, A Stupid Animation 4

Clay Scooter from deviantArt user BuddyComics' webcomic Parker Lot

Clay Edd from flash animator Edd Gould's Eddsworld series

This is some of my clay figures I made during the time I was not making claymations! They also feature Tom and Edd from Edd Gould's Eddsworld series and the turtle from Foreverkul and Gonzossm's Newgrounds game, Toss the Turtle
Here's the clay figures.
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Show off your Clay Art
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