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 Back seat modding

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PostSubject: Back seat modding   Mon May 16, 2011 4:58 pm

Apophic wrote:
As in, moderating but not actually being a mod. Not the most necessary thing ever because the mods we have DO know how to moderate. But I do realise people want to help and/or prove that they're mod material.
Now this doesn't really bother me, in fact I do it myself quite a bit, but there are points when it is pretty pointless and realise how it can sometimes be a pain in the colon. For example, more than one person saying a thread should moved.

So I thought I would place a few guidelines towards being a good back-seat moderator. Feel free to add any if any of you want.

Remember that the best route to some of these things is simply PMing a mod, but if you feel you must post in the thread or PMing a mod doesn't come to mind then follow these guidelines.

Sometimes good and sometimes bad. IF the post is actually a helpful bump, bumping to resurrect a topic that can actually be discussed further, wanting another question related to the topic answered or anything else that is not a bad bump. Then don't bother pointing it out, it doesn't matter so just either contribute the topic or don't post.

If it is a pointless bump, such as posting an answer to an old topic that has already been answered. Bumping an old video with a small, pointless comment such as "cool vid" or anything else that is just a unnecessary bump. Simply post NICELY that it was an unneeded bump, not any of that "OMG BUMP" crap. Who is going to take you seriously that way?, remember that not everybody knows the concept of the bump. If that person continues to bump more topics, again, don't come out with the "OMG STOP IT NUB OR I WIL PM KAP N AV U BANNED" rubbish. They may not have understood what you were talking about before because of the elitist retard talk. Instead, PM that person explaining what he is doing is wrong. Just because they are new doesn't automatically mean they're stupid and will most likely understand the errors of their ways. Of course even if they continue they will eventually get banned.

If you notice a thread is in the wrong section, don't just post saying where it should be, when the thread is moved then the post you made is pointless and a waste of a post. Contribute to the post AND explain where it should be.
We also only need one person to say where it should be, not several. We get the point when the first person says it.

If you know a thread has been created before, before posting telling them to use the search bar and it has been made before. Use the search bar yourself and actually find the thread, then post the link telling the thread starter that is has been made before and inform them of the search bars existence.
If the thread you are looking for cannot be found in the search bar, contribute to the thread anyway but also state that you think the thread has been done before. Somebody else may know of it.
If there is a thread that people are already discussing but you feel should be locked, then state your reasons. If people agree with you (Usually it's three votes and then a lock if your reasons are valid) then it will most likely be locked.

It has been said once, but shall be said again. If there is a spammer spamming random topics then simply don't post and PM a moderator and/or admin. It will be dealt with ASAP, don't add fuel to the fire.
If somebody is posting spammish posts in existing then again, PM a mod or admin. Feel free to warn them saying that they are violating the law of the playground and to stop it before there account is banned. Also PM them if you wish, they might not realise that what they are doing is wrong.

I think that that is all that needs to be covered, if there is more to add then please post it and if there is something of mine that you feel is wrong or needs to be changed then also please post it.

Be HaPpY King Klay
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PostSubject: Re: Back seat modding   Tue May 24, 2011 4:59 pm

yeah i think every one should see this and read it through
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PostSubject: Re: Back seat modding   Wed May 25, 2011 12:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Back seat modding   

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Back seat modding
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